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Image of SLIKS | Jan Van Eyck

SLIKS | Jan Van Eyck


"Jan Van Eyck"
SilkScreen,limited edition of 50
66 x 50 cm
*stamped and signed by the Artist


SLIKS was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. He is strongly influenced by the textures of the city and its degradation from the natural passage of time and the modern effects of pollution. His works are experiments in colour; the thickness of the brush strokes, the play of micro and macro, all come together to compose an artistic expression. He has adapted his renowned wall painting technique to canvas to explore a new medium. Using different types of line, he creates abstract pieces of art which range from figurative to abstract, organic and mechanical all at once.


SLIKS,出生和成長於巴西聖保羅。深受城市紋理的影響、隨時間退化和 汙染,他的作品是色彩、筆刷厚度、微觀與宏觀交叉點的綜合試煉,進而形成一幅藝 術作品。運用不一樣的線條,他創造出抽象藝術作品從象徵到隨興、綜合、微觀。

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