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Synthetic enamel on wood
122 x 81.3 cm


J.Demsky aka Demsky is a Spanish street artist whose lines on pieces emerge and take form in a complex game of superpositions and color combinations. Demsky was born in Elche, Spain – a small town full of palm trees, flooding his oasis and surroundings with unique typographies, sometimes illegible, many times in codes, but always extremely elaborate and wildly precise. He first met graffiti in the early 90’s and started painting. More than 20 years in which he has never stopped inventing and developing styles, with a frenetic activity that has taken him to paint all around the world. There is no doubt that due to all this effort he has made his way into the international graffiti scenario. Demsky can be described as a conceptual artist. In his gallery shows, he takes up the difficulty many graffiti artists have to face when bringing their pieces in the confined space of a ‘White Cube’, rather than traditionally spraying in the streets. He manages to develop his visual language further and to transform a street piece intocertain gallery work. Instead of referring to the public space, he creates new settings and uses graffiti unrelated methods, materials, or media such as screen-printing, metal, and acrylic paint in addition. By writing the manifesto Ultradinámica that can be adapted to certain gallery works of the artist or by designing a series of wooden relief paintings which mimic the artist’s street pieces, Demsky gives his studio works a fresh conceptual approach.


​ J.Demsky

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